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Mattress Types


Memory foam molds to the shape of your body and as you shift your body during sleep. The memory foam mattress is great for light-sleepers who wake-up during the night because their partner moves. The soft foam absorbs pressure and relieves pain so you have a comfortable nights sleep. Memory Foam mattresses are great for those who have a hard time getting comfortable, chronic fatigue or muscle pain.


Made from rubber, these mattresses provide a uniform, firm and supportive feeling. For those with back pain, latex materials provide the perfect combination of comfort and support. Latex lasts longer than traditional spring mattresses and provides about the same level of comfort.


Spring mattresses are the classic mattress offering both firmness and comfort in one. A spring mattress has the firmness of a latex mattress and with the addition of a pillow top, you get even more softness and comfort. Spring mattresses offer breathability for temperature sensitive sleepers.


We specialize in traditional spring mattresses with the added benefit of memory foam for even more support. This mattress has the same build as a spring mattress on the inside but with the comfort of a memory foam topper built directly into the top of the mattress for that body molding feel. This type of mattress has become one of the most popular in the industry.

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